About Us

Who We Are

Since its inception, the main goal of Bilkent Holding and its subsidiaries has been to create consistent, sustainable and long-term value for its partners. Consequently, Bilkent Holding strives for high quality, profitability and maximum customer satisfaction in all its endeavors across numerous industries.

Having expanded the scope of its activities significantly over the past 50 years, Bilkent Holding is now a major player in construction and construction materials industries, furniture production and retail, the printing house industry, defence and security, fitness, insurance, tourism, energy, real estate, service industries. It has also been actively involved in airport and maritime transport operations through its subsidiaries. The expertise Bilkent Holding acquired domestically through its numerous industries, spread overseas to Africa, Europe, Middle East, Russia, Turkic Republics and USA.

Having successfully grown its geographical areas of operation and expanded its fields of activity, Bilkent Holding is now listed among the top 50 Turkish Holdings. All of its Holding companies hold leading positions in their respective markets.

Felisya Biomedical Inc., which has been established as one of the subsidiaries of Bilkent Holding, is an innovative biomedical device company focused on public health. Our strengths come from innovative market-driven R&D culture with flexible manufacturing. We continuously improve and it will never stop. We always adapt to new technologies and our purpose is to create breakthrough solutions not only for Healthcare Professionals but also for the benefit of public health. Our flagship product is Diagnovir designed specifically to detect the COVID-19 virus. And now, we are proud to announce that we commercialized “Diagnovir” in Turkey and international markets.