Vision, Mission and Quality Policy

Our Vision:

Felisya Biomedical, is an innovative company that has a say in select markets in Turkey and sub-sectors in the world. Felisya Biomedical will be a pioneering company in the use of modern technology, management and information systems, which is preferred by employees, consumers, suppliers and customers, appreciated by international quality organizations and will achieve continuous profitability.

Our Mission

Felisya Biyomedikal is a permanent, respected, responsible organization that lives with a total quality philosophy, adopts the principle of being honest and fair towards all its stakeholders. By creating leading products in the sector, using advanced technology with the principle of customer satisfaction, it has adopted the principle of providing high quality, continuous and high value-added products to its consumers. With the added value it produces, it will continue to contribute to the world and society it lives in, the economy and its customers. It will provide all these by giving importance to the happiness, communication and team spirit of its employees, whose living standards are constantly improving and who have a sense of devotion and commitment.

Our quality policy

Regarding the development and implementation of the quality management system; By fulfilling the requirements of the quality management system and maintaining it completely and effectively,

Undertaking to convey to our company’s employees that customer requirements, including legal and regulatory requirements, are fulfilled,

By constantly increasing the image of the company, always keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront and at the highest level,

By providing continuous improvement and improvement by training to all personnel; ensuring the happiness of the employees,

By producing high quality products in accordance with national and international standards and legal requirements, without ignoring the policy of environmental protection,

By following the technological innovations related to our sector simultaneously with the world and providing the best service to our customers with full-time and economical solutions, It has adopted a quality policy to be a sought-after, successful and reliable institution.